Why smile? Why not? I am smiling writing about smiling. Has anyone ever looked at your and said quit smiling? I sure hope not. As a dentist, I want you to show your healthy teeth, and smile as much as you can. Smiling not only benefits you, but also those around you. Take a look at this list of reasons to smile.


  1. IS ATTRACTIVE AND MAKES YOU LOOK YOUNGER. Smiling is a natural facelift! Your face is lifted and you immediately look younger when you smile. Look in the mirror and frown then smile. Which looks younger?
  2. CHANGES YOUR MOOD. A smiling face stimulates a dopamine response. Dopamine is our reward or pleasure neurotransmitter, it provides us with feelings of pleasure to ensure we will repeat behaviors needed for survival.
  3. IS CONTAGIOUS. Smile and see if people smile back at you.
  4. REDUCES STRESS. Stress often times shows on our faces. Smiling has a positive impact on the balance of neurotransmitters, calming your nervous system and stabilizing your mood in the midst of everyday stressors.
  5. BOOSTS YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. Stress causes your immune system to lower and makes your body more susceptible to catching a cold or developing the flu. Smiling can keep your body relaxed and happy, leading to a healthier body.
  6. LOWERS YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE. Back to the stress factor. Lower stress means lower blood pressure. High blood pressure can lead to headaches, stroke or even heart attacks.
  7. CREATES ENDORPHINS. A smile stimulates the creation of endorphins, the neurotransmitters that relieve pain, heighten self-esteem, create mild euphoria. Endorphins are best known for their positive effects on mood after physical activity. For runners, it’s the runners high. Just think how great a smiling runner must feel!
  8. IS A NATURAL ANTI-DEPRESSANT. When you smile, you feel better. When we smile, our brain releases serotonin, which leads to having a positive and happy mindset. Serotonin plays a role in your body temperature, sleep, pain, mood and appetite and improves self-esteem, our sense of well-being.