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Dr. Daron Clark has a general dental practice in downtown Nashville with a special interest in aesthetics, TMJD, and sleep medicine.

By completing over 1500 hours of post doctorate education Dr. Clark excels at providing his patients with conservative therapies to improve aesthetics and reduce pain and disease while improving overall health and wellbeing.

He believes that the key to success in achieving the best results for his patients lies in a holistic approach to healthcare, and he works to break down barriers between different specialties in medicine to ensure his patients receive the best care available for treating complex medical and dental conditions. Dr. Clark believes in a comprehensive total body health approach to dental care and a team-based approach to patient care in which all healthcare providers communicate openly and effectively to provide the patient with the best overall experience.

Although many dental providers are capable of treating the teeth and creating pretty smiles, Dr. Clark’s unique background and education allows him to more effectively diagnose, treat, and manage the bite and the entire head and neck system for the most healthy and naturally beautiful results. For his patients, this means that he is able to confidently handle even the most complex dental problems and provide incredibly natural results.

Dr. Clark’s passion for conservative dentistry has lead him to excel at advanced techniques in conservative tooth preparation which allows him to treat tooth decay more conservatively, saving tooth structure and increasing the lifespan of each tooth. In addition to treating acute problems, his philosophy of care includes helping patients discover the underlying conditions that are contributing to their frequent or long-standing health conditions and helping to support long term changes that result in healthier and more beautiful smiles.

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