Sylvia is a downtown employee and longtime patient who suddenly began experiencing headaches and wondered if her dental team could help figure out if the migraines were related to TMJ/TMD. Turns out she was right. Watch Sylvia’s story and fall in love with her sweet spirit (as we all have).

We know we’re doing something right when our patients refer their friends, coworkers and family members. Monty was overwhelmed by trying to find a dentist when he recently moved to Nashville. Luckily a friend recommended Downtown Dental to him, and he was pleasantly surprised by our team concept and the friendly, laidback energy of the office.

Susan experienced a gap between her two front teeth and wanted to explore cosmetic dentistry. Unfortunately, past experiences with other dentists had made her a little leery until she came to see Dr. Clark. You should hear her story, because she is probably one of the most stylish people we know.

Dee suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain associated with migraines. After researching her options for pain therapy, she decided to explore custom dental orthotics to realign her jaw, restore balance, and eliminate pain. Watch this video for more about Dee’s moving story.

Many new Downtown Dental patients aren’t accustomed to a dental practice that focuses on technology versus traditional therapy or medications. Dara was a new patient with a history of minimal dental issues. Unfortunately, a crown placed by her former dentist was giving her big problems, including gum disease. She was surprised to learn that the bacterial inflammation could be easily treated with laser therapy as opposed to antibiotics.

Sleep apnea was just one of the issues overtaking Melinda’s overall health and happiness until Dr. Clark and the Downtown Dental team helped her discover new options she never imagined would work.