Beauty Through Health

The creation of a healthy, beautiful smile is a powerful experience. We never grow tired of sharing the joy of this transformation with our patients because each of us knows exactly how it feels. We know how it affects every aspect of your life. It changes the way the world sees you, the way you see yourself and how you see the world differently from the inside out. Every day we are reminded of the power of the smile. Which is why we strive to provide a positive experience and the ideal smile for each one of our patients.

Cosmetic enhancements, whether it’s dental or some other part of your body, isn’t about vanity: it’s about comfort and confidence. In fact, it’s often a more emotional decision than a physical one. Let us show you what’s possible!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is not about vanity, it’s about enjoying a life filled with confidence and the freedom to express joy without reservation. It’s about being able to remember moments in your life fondly through photos and videos in which you express yourself freely.  It’s about being able to express yourself, and to allow the outer you to reflect the inner you.

We are here to tell you that despite what you have heard or been told in the past, it is possible to have the confident and comfortable smile you deserve.

We know that a beautiful smile improves confidence and fosters more genuine connections with the people in your life but did you also know it can help you breathe better, sleep better, and reduce head, neck, and shoulder pain?

Downtown Dental’s focus on both health and beauty means that our patients benefit from our treatments in more ways than they imagined were possible.

“We do these things for health and well-being and what we have discovered is that a pain-free smile is always a much more beautiful smile.  Patients can get the best of both worlds,” explains Dr. Daron Clark.

For those of you with chronic pain and poor sleep quality, the solution may involve fixing your bite, or the way your teeth come together and support your jaw.  Fixing the bite can include things like prepless veneers and Facial Beauty Orthodontics which can improve sleep, reduce pain, and result in a fuller and more beautiful smile.

“The impact on our patient’s lives when we use these techniques is profound. The usual impact on confidence that we see in cosmetic dentistry is amplified by the impact of being well-rested and free of pain.”

And for those simply considering cosmetic veneers or orthodontic work to straighten their teeth, it is worth looking into what other benefits Facial Beauty Orthodontics and Prepless Veneers can offer if done by a physiologic provider like Dr. Clark.

“Veneers and orthodontics are not only able to straighten and whiten the teeth, if done with our techniques they can also change the structure of the lower third of the face.  This can offer patients a less gummy smile, fuller lips, the appearance of more prominent cheekbones, and a better jawline.”

Services & Procedures:

Eliminating Pain

Head and neck pain is one of the most frustrating and debilitating ailments of the body. Often the discomfort originates when the head and neck are not properly aligned, causing the muscle groups to work harder then they should. This overexertion can cause pain, swelling, and soreness in addition to triggering migraine headaches! As a headache sufferer, you have many options for treatment.

Unfortunately, many current migraine therapies, such as botox treatment, chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy or massage, and medications, can provide temporary relief but do not resolve the underlying condition(s) causing the overstimulation. Our noninvasive treatments offer relief by supporting the head and neck for relaxation and comfort.

Balance is freedom from pain, discomfort, and fear of the unknown.

With our expertise, we can help identify and resolve many issues you may not even realize are related to your teeth and bite! In addition, many ‘dental mysteries’ can be solved by looking at the bigger picture and taking into consideration the entire system (the muscles, the teeth, AND the joint). The team at Downtown Dental is highly educated and skilled at taking a comprehensive physiologic approach to your health and wellness. Our job is to educate and help you to navigate through the many options available so that you can make the best choices for your specific needs.

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Dental Sleep Medicine

Downtown Dental is an advanced state-of-the-art facility dedicated to TMD/J and sleep apnea treatments. Dr. Daron Clark is a recognized expert in the treatment of these disorders. He and his team can work with you to manage the serious disease of sleep apnea.

Dr. Clark is also part of a collaborative team consisting of sleep physicians, sleep techs, sleep centers, ENT physicians and pulmonologists who all combine their expertise where needed to maximally manage obstructive sleep apnea and snoring.

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