Lip & Tongue Tie Release

As the premier expert in TMD/TMJ and craniofacial growth and myofunctional health, Dr. Clark has announced that he is expanding his availability to serve those most important to us, our children.

Through his years of experience in treating adults with orofacial pain, TMD/TMJ, improper craniofacial growth and development, and poor myofunction, Dr. Clark is acutely aware of the importance of proper myofunction and tongue mobility in early childhood growth and development.

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As the premier lip & tongue tie specialist in Nashville, Tennessee, Dr. Clark welcomes you to our practice and values your trust in him for this very important and delicate procedure.

Dr. Clark has spent a significant portion of his career advocating for better diagnostics and early intervention for our future generation.  Additionally, he takes pride in his ability to be a part of the solution by offering myofunctional and growth evaluations for children in addition to tongue tie release procedures to give our children the chance they deserve to grow into healthy and pain free adults.

His extensive training includes working with experts in the field of safe and effective tongue tie release procedures, including Dr. Zaghi and Dr. Pinto with The Breathe Institute, his esteemed colleagues with The Facial Beauty Institute, and most importantly the talented experts at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.

We use advanced laser technology for tongue tie release, learn more.

Lip or tongue-tie problems can make breastfeeding, chewing, swallowing, and speech difficult.

Even more importantly it can lead to severe problems with craniofacial growth and development that dramatically increases a child’s risk of TMD/TMJ, sleep apnea, poor head and neck posture, upper cervical neck and shoulder pain, and facial pain. Tongue ties and mouth breathing also contribute to poor facial aesthetics such as a retruded chin, elongated face, narrow dental arches, crooked teeth, and asymmetry in the jaw, smile, and eyes. Adults with these issues are also more likely to have future dental issues such as bruxism (grinding), cavities and gum infection.

A child with a tongue tie is being robbed of the ability to grow up with the health and beauty they deserve. If you have concerns for your child, contact us for an evaluation.