One of the most common conditions dentists see is Periodental disease, a malady that is responsible for more tooth loss than any other dental issue. In its early stage, called gingivitis, bacteria begins to invade the space between your teeth and your gums. If left untreated, the bacteria will slowly destroy the gum attachment and bone holding your teeth in place, most commonly known as gum recession. From there, gingivitis can take on an even more serious form, called periodontitis, which is a condition that causes the leaves the whole crown of the tool and a portion of the root surface visible.

In any form, Periodental disease makes cleaning and everyday hygiene difficult and is often the major cause of bad breath and tooth loss.

How Periodental disease has been prevent and treated in the past…

If you’ve ever had a dentist or dental assistant pull out a sharp, hook-like instrument and start scraping at your teeth and provide local antibiotic treatments to reduce the infection, you’ve experienced the traditional way to treat Periodental Disease. One experience of having bacteria-built up removed from below the gum line with a sharp, painful, scaling instrument is enough to make people want to never visit the dentist again.

This is a dilemma both dentists and patients have had to live with for decades. While the procedures are invasive, time consuming, and painful, they’re absolutely necessary to keep your teeth clean and healthy. For years, patients have been reluctant to schedule a dentist appointment even though they notice signs of Periodental disease because they know that the treatment is going to be painful. By being able to safely eliminate the bacteria at the first signs of infection (bleeding and swollen gum tissue) we can often avoid these invasive procedures.

Downtown Dental’s Laser Treatment solves the dilemma…

We recognize that many people are hesitant to treat this issue because of their past experiences, which is why we’ve committed to offer pain-free dentistry in Nashville through Laser Dentistry. As one of our Laser Dentistry Treatment options, Downtown Dental can remove all the excess bacteria from your gums more efficiently, and usually without the pain of injections.

In short, Laser Periodental Therapy works by emitting energy from our Waterlase iPlus Laser has the power to remove build up and effectively destroy all of the bacteria in the pocket between your tooth and your gums. Not only does this minimize the need to pull out the painful scraping tools, it also prevents the need for the series of anesthetic injections before the procedure or any post-op pain afterwards.

By incorporating our new Laser Treatment option to remove bacteria and build up along the gumline at the first signs of infection, before more invasive cleaning procedures are required, Downtown Dental is able to offer a safer, more effective treatment for our patients. Laser Bacterial Reduction is a more effective and more comfortable way to treat Periodontal Disease and we are excited to offer this amazing capability to our patients.

If you’ve been waiting to take care of the excess bacteria build up along your gum line because of the painful, invasive treatments of the past, get in touch with us. You can ensure that your next trip to the dentist is more convenient and pain-free than you ever thought possible by scheduling your appointment with our Laser Dentistry Option.

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