One of the most common misconceptions about pregnancy is that it’s unsafe to visit the dentist while you’re pregnant. Over the years, people have assumed that visits to the dentist could cause issues with a pregnancy through the various x-rays and procedures. In all actuality, scheduling an appointment with your dentist is one of the most beneficial things you can do for you and your baby during pregnancy. While it’s important to work with a dentist who you trust and one that’s well informed on the proper treatment options for expecting mothers, visiting the dentist to ensure you’re taking care of your teeth during pregnancy is extremely important. To help combat some of the misconceptions, here are three primary reasons expecting mothers should visit the dentist during pregnancy. Hormone levels can cause Periodental Disease. During pregnancy, your progesterone hormone levels are on the rise, which can cause your gums to have a weird response to plaque bacteria -- a lot more plaque buildup than normal. Often times, the build up causes gums to become more tender, swell or even bleed. If left untreated, build up can lead to a more serious condition known as Periodental Disease. At Downtown Dental, all of these issues can be treated with our pain-free, laser dentistry option, making dental care even easier for soon-to-be moms. Cleaner teeth can reduce pregnancy issues for moms. Research shows that appropriate and timely care for dental issues during pregnancy can significantly reduce the risk of adverse pregnancy issues, such as preeclampsia, for expecting moms. By visiting the dentist to remove all the excess bacteria that commonly builds up during pregnancy, you can lower the risk of any possible pregnancy issues you experience that are common if left untreated. Taking care of your teeth helps you take care of your baby. Poor dental care has been linked to premature births and may interfere with a baby’s development in numerous studies. Clean teeth not only help prevent possible issues for moms, it also reduces the risk of premature birth or low birth weight for your baby.   As an expecting mom, this is one of the most special, yet crucial, times of your life and we’d love to do our part in helping ensure you and your baby are staying as healthy as possible. If you’re wondering what kind of dental work is safe to have during pregnancy, know that cavities and root canals can and should be treated to reduce the risk of infection. It’s also important to note that as an expectant mom, the best time to schedule your appointment to do these procedures is during your second trimester. In your third trimester, you may have a harder time staying comfortable during a long dental appointment. Hopefully, this post clarified any misconceptions about visiting the dentist during pregnancy. If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment as an expecting mom, please feel free to give us a call or let us know when you schedule an online appointment.