When teeth and jaw are improperly aligned, it can cause straining of the muscles that support the face, neck and back. It is this muscle imbalance that causes much of the pain associated with TMJ disorders. In most cases, TMJ disorders stem from a condition called malocclusion, which means having a “bad bite”, or from accidents and trauma. Malocclusion means that your upper and lower teeth do not close together in the correct way—they are misaligned. As a qualified neuromuscular dentist, Dr. Clark can follow up on any TMD diagnosis and give you customized TMD treatment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrEeopiE6aQ  
There is a genetic code that determines your eye color, tooth size, and a lot of other information about how your face should look. However, not all faces develop in the same way, and there are key external factors that make a face both structurally sound and aesthetically balanced. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnJjvjgyDfU  
Physiologic dentistry is a comprehensive view of oral health, balance, and beauty:  it's making sure that the shape and position of the teeth and jaw support natural pain-free function.  The teeth, jaw joint, and the muscles that support them must all be balanced or the system will break down over time.  Symptoms of an unbalanced bite show up in many ways:
  • clenching and grinding
  • TMJ/TMD symptoms
  • headaches
  • vertigo/motion sickness
  • tinnitus
  • airway obstructions
  • gum recession
  • chipped and broken teeth
  • many more!
But physiologic dentistry is more than just health and wellness....when the underlying facial structures of the teeth and jaw are balanced, the result is a beautiful natural smile and more youthful facial features! Being able to offer our patients their healthiest and most beautiful smiles requires having a thorough understanding of what is necessary to create symmetry and balance. It’s basically Anatomy 101: the lower half of your head is a complicated, condensed network of bone, ears, brain stem, nerves, arteries, lymph vessels, palate, airway, acupuncture meridians, teeth, muscles, gums and joints. It’s by far the most complex area in the human body. As such, it’s got potential for diverse problems. Only with a specialized dentist who is passionate about discovering and FIXING facial and dental formation can these problems be revealed and fixed. By fixing the underlying imbalances we are able to provide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5C7KlUSvLUM