Could selfies be good for your teeth?

A little selfie-consciousness may be good One recent study was conducted by NIH-funded researcher Dr. Lance Vernon (Senior instructor, Case Western Reserve University) three dentists from India, another researcher from the United States. They examined the feasibility of using smart phone video “selfies” to help improve toothbrushing technique. The small proof-of-concept study aimed to determine whether toothbrushing with selfie-taking was worth

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Is Your Headache Caused by TMJ?

With many headaches, the cause could be the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ: the place at the front of the ear where the lower jaw and the temporal bone on the side of the head meet.

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Are energy drinks bad for your teeth? Downtown Dental I Nashville, TN

Are energy drinks bad for your teeth?

The big misconception is that energy drinks and sports drinks are healthier than soda for oral health, but studies disproves that, because they erode or thin out the enamel of the teeth, leaving them more susceptible to decay and sensitivity.

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