From anxiety to relaxation in minutes: a healthy, non-toxic sedation solution.

We know for some people, dentistry can inspire anxiety and even fear, which often prevents patients from seeking the dental care they need. With that in mind, we strive to offer the most comfortable and pain-free dental experience possible.

Have you ever heard about non-toxic dental sedation techniques? They are available to dental patients across the country, including those in Nashville. If you are afraid of the dentist, let’s talk about our holistic approach. We limit invasiveness and the need for sedation by utilizing new technologies, and we’ve also seen first-hand the impact a system called NuCalm® has on worried patients. We are so happy to offer this technology to our Downtown Dental patients who may experience dental anxiety.

What is NuCalm®?

NuCalm® is a nontoxic treatment system that will facilitate oral health without harming the rest of the body. The system calms the body by counteracting adrenaline, stimulating microcurrents, calming the pace of brain waves, and blocking visual stimuli to encourage relaxation. NuCalm is unique because it creates deep relaxation without using narcotics or controlled substances, causes no significant side effects, and requires no recuperative time or supervision.

How does NuCalm® work?

NuCalm organically entrains brain waves to a frequency that promotes relaxation and calm. Beta brain waves (13 Hz-30 Hz per second) are associated with day-to-day wakefulness – mental activity consisting of cognitive, sensory, and motor activities. High beta brain waves (23 Hz-40 Hz per second) are associated with fear and anxiety. NuCalm brings the patient’s brain waves from beta or high beta to the alpha and theta ranges (4 Hz-12 Hz per second). Alpha brain waves are considered the first stage of sleep and are typically associated with relaxation and peacefulness experienced during deep meditation and biofeedback. Alpha brain waves are characterized by slower frequencies, higher amplitudes, and are more synchronous than beta brain waves. A person with brain waves in the alpha or theta range is physically unable to be anxious. NuCalm entrains the brain to the alpha/theta ranges, naturally creating homeostasis, neuromuscular release, and relaxation.

Who is Benefiting from NuCalm®?
  • Over 700,000 dental patients have used NuCalm for a drug-free, relaxing dental appointment across 5 continents
  • Used daily by professional and olympic athletes for recovery and improving sleep
  • Used by cancer patients to resolve nausea, improve sleep quality, and manage their stress
  • Used by jet pilots to resolve jet lag
  • Used by top executives to manage stress and travel demands