Our Mission

Our focus at Downtown Dental is not just on the aesthetics of a perfect smile, but on optimal dental wellness, beauty, and total health: and what it means to find that balance in our lives.

Implementing this total health concept in our practice has had many rewards:

  •  We have the opportunity to be instrumental in identifying early signs of cardiac disease, diabetes, sleep apnea and cancer.  
  • We have the opportunity to be instrumental in reversing tendencies toward obesity, high cholesterol, and temporomandibular disorders

We believe that Health-Beauty-Balance is best achieved through a comprehensive approach, and that it’s imperative to work with a network of Nashville area professionals in all areas of medicine including, but not limited to, functional medical practitioners, nutritionists, wellness coordinators, acupuncturists, neuromuscular therapists and allergy elimination specialists.

We also believe that if our patients value overall health, then our job is that much easier. So we lead by example and share with our guests what it takes to be healthy.

As dental and healthcare providers we have the unique opportunity to set the standard in our community for patient healthcare management and total well-being.