Facial Beauty Orthodontics
Ideal Growth, Symmetry, & Balance For ...

Dr. Daron Clark is the first LVIF Dentist in Nashville to offer Facial Beauty Orthodontics.

His fellowship and clinical course work and his years of hands-on experience in patient treatment along with his access to the most advanced technology and techniques allow him to achieve the best outcomes for patients who suffer from TMJ / TMD and sleep apnea, and for patients looking for optimal health and facial beauty.

The Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (AGGA™) uses physiologic processes to stimulate the body to lay down new bone. Bone remodeling is a natural body process, but it only happens with the correct provocation.

Once the top jaw develops to its full genetic potential with a growth appliance, ControlledArch® Braces are used to create a broad, beautiful, straight and healthy smile.

Unlocking the Genetic Potential with Orthopedic Development
(Without Maxillofacial Surgery)

By unlocking the genetic growth potential of the upper jaw with orthopedic development, a whole host of other issues can be addressed as well. People with bite issues from improper jaw development can have TMJ pain, facial pain, bad posture, headaches, migraines, decreased airway volume, sleep apnea, and premature facial aging.

By aligning the bite and correcting improper growth in the jaw, we can improve many of these problems for most patients- no surgery required.

Facial Beauty Orthodontics with Dr. Daron Clark can fix your bad dental bite, help you improve your posture, and decrease or eliminate pain from the TMJ and hyperactive musculature. This physiologic technique can drastically improve sunken in faces, enhance facial volume to minimize the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles, improve the presence of a weak chin, and redefine the jawline.