Dental x-rays are often the only way to diagnose disease and conditions which are not evident in a visual exam. They emit an extremely limited and safe amount of radiation.

Identification of cysts, cancerous and non-cancerous tumors, tooth decay (cavities), and Periodontal disease is often only possible with diagnostic x-rays. In addition to saving you money on treatment by early diagnosis, x-rays identifying cancerous lesions can save your life.

At Downtown Dental, we only utilize the latest digital radiography and cone beam CT technology to capture diagnostic information.  Our digital X-ray technology lessens the radiation exposure of previous Xrays by up to 90%! Plus, with the latest in 3D imaging, our clinicians can see more, with even less radiation than ever before. This allows us to provide you with the essential information you need to make the best decisions about your healthcare.  Check out our blog to find out more about digital radiography and 3D imaging through Cone Beam CT scans!

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