Laser Assisted Dentistry

Lasers are the latest and greatest in the field of Dentistry, and we here at Downtown Dental are very excited about the many benefits they provide to our patients. We have several types of lasers in our office to provide you with the best care and most comfort!

Downtown Dental is the first dentist office in Nashville to offer WaterLase iPlus Laser Dentistry, the most advanced and effective Laser Dentistry option in the world! This new technology allows Dr. Clark to offer injection-free, pain-free dentistry for many of our procedures including fillings, whitening, and gum disease prevention.

Why Laser Dentistry?

No more shots

No injections are needed, plus there is minimal swelling or bleeding involved in fillings, root canals, and gum surgery procedures. The procedures can also be completed faster than with the drill, since there is no time needed to wait for the anesthetic to fully take effect. Similar to using the laser for fillings, injections during deep cleanings are sometimes not required. To read more about how laser analgesia works, see our blog post!

It’s safer for your mouth

The laser offers the highest level of patient safety available for the sensitive and vulnerable tissue of the tongue, cheek and lips. All procedures that utilize Laser Dentistry involve far less pain and the healing process takes much less time.

It’s mindful of individual sensitivity

Even the most sensitive patient can benefit! If the procedure being performed is eligible for Laser Dentistry your individual level of sensitivity will not be a factor that prevents you from benefiting from the numbing effect of the laser. Not only does the lack of heat and pressure applied to the tooth diminish sensitivity, but the laser actually ‘turns-off’ the pain sensors in your teeth and mouth.

It keeps your teeth stronger.

A laser allows more conservative tooth preparation, which means less solid and healthy tooth structure is removed during cavity removal, leaving the tooth stronger and giving your new restoration a better long-term prognosis.

No More High-Pitched Drilling Noises

None of the loud noise, vibration, and pressure that is unavoidable with the use of dental drills.

It cleans your teeth better than regular treatment.

The energy released kills bacteria embedded in gum tissue without harming tooth or bone. NOTHING can get your teeth cleaner than laser energy. Hear one patient’s story of Laser Bacteria Reduction (LBR) to treat gum infection.

It protects you from harmful bacteria.

Since there is no need for a scalpel surgery is minimally invasive, causes little to no bleeding, and the tissue heals in less than half the time required for scalpel surgery. Less trauma to the gum tissue and less bleeding means less of a chance for harmful bacteria in the mouth to enter your blood stream.

Not all procedures are eligible for Laser Assisted Dentistry. To find out more about what Laser Dentistry can do for YOUR smile give us a call!

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