Why 3D imaging is so important

3D dentistry, at its most basic, involves developing a digital, 3D image of the mouth and skull. Traditional X-rays only develop a 2D picture of your mouth, while other methods took longer bouts of radiation to create a detailed picture, and were more unpleasant and intrusive to the patient. Continue reading

Health & Wellness Education in the Workplace!

We had a wonderful time at the 2014 NASBA Employee Health Fair! It’s always great to see our community businesses emphasizing health and wellness and providing their employees with opportunities to interact with health focused local businesses. NASBA has proven … Continue reading


“Brush Your Teeth!” That was a term heard around my house, but what about flossing? Is it good enough just to brush? Proper and consistent brushing is very important, but flossing is even more important when it comes to preventing … Continue reading

BE WELL Event Recap

They said it couldn’t happen, but it did! A FUN trip to the dentist was had by all as more than 100 people attended our Inaugural BE WELL Party last Thursday. Guests enjoyed live entertainment from Josh Roberts and visited … Continue reading