Benefits of Laser Bacterial Reduction

The link between inflammation of the gums and debilitating or even life-threatening system disease is real. This is why we are so passionate about laser therapy for bacterial reduction and periodontal therapy, and here are some of the benefits. Continue reading

Health & Wellness Education in the Workplace!

We had a wonderful time at the 2014 NASBA Employee Health Fair! It’s always great to see our community businesses emphasizing health and wellness and providing their employees with opportunities to interact with health focused local businesses. NASBA has proven … Continue reading

Stress-Free Gum Surgery

Over the past few months, we’ve been rolling out a few of our favorite features of our new Waterlase iPlus Laser Dentistry option. Today, we want to take it a step further to talk about a dental procedure that no … Continue reading

Cleaner teeth without the painful scraping

One of the most common conditions dentists see is Periodental disease, a malady that is responsible for more tooth loss than any other dental issue. In its early stage, called gingivitis, bacteria begins to invade the space between your teeth … Continue reading

How our Pain-Free Laser Dentistry Option Works

A few days ago we announced Downtown Dental now offers WaterLase iPlus Laser Dentistry which provides injection-free, pain-free dentistry for many of our procedures including fillings, whitening and gum disease prevention. Since our announcement, we’ve heard from several patients who are excited to try the new … Continue reading