How to inspire great dental habits in kids

Untreated dental care remains one of the most prevalent diseases affecting children and young people’s ability to speak, eat, play and socialize. We believe in innovative oral health education so that parents and children understand the impact of sugar on teeth and the importance of a good oral hygiene regime. Continue reading

Alcohol and Binge Drinking

There are some dental dangers to over-imbibing, but are moderate drinkers at risk for serious tooth and mouth disease? There isn’t much conclusive medical evidence, but dentists say that they see the effects of moderate drinking regularly.
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Summer Treats and Your Dental Health

Some summer snacks can actually benefit your oral and dental health, but others could damage your teeth long after your vacation. By taking advantage of wholesome summer treats, avoiding certain snacks, and keeping up your oral hygiene regimen, you can appreciate everything the season has to offer while maintaining your smile. Continue reading

3 Tips for A Healthy New Year!

With 2014 officially upon us, many Nashvillians have kicked off their New Year’s resolutions. While people know eating right, tossing the smokes and exercising are all part of leading a healthier lifestyle, most are not aware of the overall health … Continue reading

The Food Drive Results Are In!

Last month we hosted our 2nd Annual Downtown Food Drive for Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee. And we were blown away by the way you responded! We were overwhelmed by the compassion you showed and we are so … Continue reading